City Services 

City Services: Services billed by the City of Diamond include water, sewer, trash pick-up and fire protection services.  
You may apply at Diamond City Hall, 102 E Market,  Diamond, MO. 

As a Diamond resident you will receive one statement for your prior month’s water, sewer and trash.  Your statement will be in your mailbox on or around the first day of each month.  Should you not receive your bill for any reason, please contact City Hall to confirm your correct mailing address or to check your bill amount.

Residents should be aware that payment is due upon receipt, are considered overdue after the 15th of the month.  On the 16th of the month, a penalty will be assessed to your account.  Should the bill not be paid by the 20th of the month, the  water will be disconnected the following day.  If a resident’s  water is disconnected, any outstanding balances, plus a $25.00 reconnection fee must be paid  before water can be reconnected to the residence.  Water will NOT be reconnected after hours. 

Water Rates

The current water rates as of  April 2016

Water Rates:   $14.00  Service Fee    plus $2.75 per 1,000 gallon used

Rural Rates:     $20.00 Service Fee    plus $2.75 per 1,000 gallon used 

Sewer Rates:  $22.00 Service Fee  plus $3.50 per 1,000 gallon of water used

Trash Rates:  $13.62 per can   $9.66 per can (Senior Citizen)    $5.50 for extra can/month  $20.49 Commercial

New Service

All new customers must sign a user agreement and are required to pay a deposit.  The deposit varies depending upon whether the customer is a land owner of the property or a tenant.

Owner Deposit:  $75.00                             Tenant Deposit:  $150.00

Lease to Own is considered renting therefore would require a $150.00 deposit.

All tenants of rental property must provide the City with the property owners information, sign a users agreement and make the deposit.  The deposit can not be made in payments.  All owners must provide the City with a deposit and a user agreement.  Property owners are responsible for any unpaid utilities bills left by a former tennant.  

All owners have a responsibility to inform the City of any tenant changes.  If you decide to move, notify the City with  your new address.  The final bill will taken out of your deposit and any refund will be mailed to your new address.
New service will not be turned on unless the customer is at the residence, in case there is a leak.

If Water Is Turned Back On By Anyone Other Than A City Employee

If anyone other than a City employee turns a disconnected customer’s water back on, a charge of utility tampering and stealing of public services will be brought against that person.  In addition if a lock is broken, a charge of  $50.00 for each broken lock will be charged to the customer (per incident).  If your meter has been removed and an illegal jumper is found, the charges mentioned above will be filed.

Water Meter and Line Service

The City’s policy states that the customer is responsible for his/her own water lines, beginning with the lines on the customer’s side of the meter and including water lines inside the house.  The City maintains and services the City’s system.  The amount of water that goes through your meter will be billed to the customer for monthly water charges.


The City makes all reasonable effort to supply continuous water/sewer service; however, the City reserves the right to interrupt service for the purpose of making repairs, connections, extensions, or other necessary work.  The City is not responsible for any loss due to the interruptions.  Notification of interruptions of water will be done by mail, only if a large portion of the city is affected, and if it’s not an emergency.

Report Suspicious Activity

As a community we all have an obligation to protect our water supply.  The City asks that you be vigilant in watching for suspicious activities or people in or around water supplies, wells, meters, and the like.  Please report these activities to City Hall or  City or County Law Enforcement Agencies immediately!

Primacy Fees

Primacy fees are assessed to the City by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources for each meter in the city.  The fee will appear on your monthly billing, charges based on size of meter.

Trash Pick Up 

Trash pick up is on Monday morning.  All trash must be in the REPUBLIC poly cart.  Trash in other containers, in bags next to the container or loose will not be taken.  Republic will take one bigger item a week as long as it is not on the list of items they can not take and the company has been contacted before pick up day. 

Republic’s Customer Service Number is 1-800-431-1507

City Taxes will be mailed out the First week in November and are due Dec. 31.