Diamond was first called "Center," changing it's name in 1883 when the village acquired its first post office.  Frank Whitwell was the first postmaster.

Diamond is situated in the northern part of Newton Co., near the center east and west.  It is on the prairie just on the east side of "Round Grove".  The town began with the log home of Dr. And Mrs. Leathers and on the west, where there was a patch of timber know as Round Grove. 

The first blacksmith shop was started by  F.B. Whitwell, in Novmeber 1878.

I.S. Stogsdill started a small grocery and secured a  post office in March 1883.

John T. McElhany opened up a stock of General Merchandise in 1884.

Dr. Filler opened up a Drug store in May 1892.

W.W. Parr opened a Harness and Repair Shop in 1891

Martin Beyer, started a Feed and Meal Mill in 1893

A number of events helped to establish the town of Diamond.  In September 1891 a wind pump was put up to send water to different parts of town.

Buildings began to be wired for electric lights in July 1913, but electric didn't come to Diamond until 1918.

Diamond became a 4th Class city on December 15, 1949.

The first City Council was:

  • Bert Whitchurch - Mayor
  • William Robinson - Collector
  • Harry Buchanan - City Marshall
  • Ray Martin - West Alderman
  • Dwight Sims - West Alderman
  • Richard Richards - East Alderman

Mayor Wilber V. Schaffter served from 1961-1973 helped the city acquire 36 mercury vapor street lights, new sewage system with tow lagoons and a new fire truck.

Excerpt from "Diamond the Gem City" A history of Diamond, MO and Marion Township compiled by Larry and Linda Petty James.


History of Diamond as told by Rex Beyer

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